Bit Tools


bit_tools_iconIf you daily work with hexadecimal numbers, you would have certainly faced the problem of extracting a set of bits from it (for example, bits from 3 to 12) and converting them to binary or decimal representations.

This task is not obvious, depending on the bits you are trying to extract.

Well… No more!!!

With “Bit Tools” App, you can:

· Introduce any 32-bit hexadecimal number.
· Select the first and last bit of the selection.
· Get the decimal, binary and hexadecimal representation of the set of selected bits.
· Copy the results so that you can use them in other applications in your iPhone.
· Save your favourite values with the included bookmark editor and manager.

This App is ideal for anyone that has to deal with hexadecimal numbers (hardware engineers, software engineers, digital designers, students …).

Enjoy it!! No more hexadecimal nightmares!!