Soccer Time

Soccer Time

“Soccer Time” is a fantastic chronometer for soccer games. Just that simple…
Its outstanding interface will make you enjoy each minute of the game. And next time a friend of yours asks “how much time is left?” you will have a quick answer.
No matter if you are in the stadium, at home, with friends or playing with your colleagues… In all those circumstances, you need to know the minute is being played…
Sometimes TV will show it, or you can see it in the stadium, but what if you cannot?
Well, here it comes “Soccer Time” to the rescue. With this App you can:

  • Count time in a soccer game.
  • Choose the duration between full 90 minutes games, extra time, a fixed configurable value (through Settings) or a custom value.
  • The App runs in the background. So, you will receive configurable notifications when the game is about to end and when it has finished.
  • Swipe your finger through the counter and change between count forward and count backward modes.
  • The App will also keep track of the injury time!!!!
  • Manage the yellow and red cards within a game with the “Cards” mode (additional purchase).

But there is even more… You don’t have to open the App to know the minute being played. The App icon automatically updates with the current minute being played. That simple….

Put the App in your dock, start the chronometer and close the App. You can keep using your phone and go back to the home screen anytime you want to check the current minute. Don’t open the App if you don’t want to.

The App is perfect to be used in the stadium, at home watching the game on TV, or even by any soccer coach…