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Blame! is certainly a unique one: It offers the ability to blame just about anyone in your address book for just about anything you can think, solving any unresolved issues in a matter of minutes. With quick exporting to Facebook and email, it’s never been easier to point a digital finger.
How many times have you tried to blame someone for any reason? If the answer is “Many times!!!”, then Blame! is the App you have been looking for.
Blame! is an App that will help you find who to blame for whatever reason you can think of. To do this, you have to spin the “Wheel of Blame” to determine the person to be blamed for anything.
You can Blame! people from two sources:

  • Contacts: Select a set of contacts and spin the “Wheel of Blame”. This is called Blame! Express mode. This is offered as an extra purchase.
  • Custom groups: Create custom groups and spin the “Wheel of Blame”.

The App includes:

  • Blame someone from your contacts (this is an extra purchase).
  • You can create groups of people with custom members.
  • Group members are editable and can be imported from the phone contacts.
  • Each group and member can have its own picture.
  • Pictures can be taken from the camera (only devices with camera), photo library or contacts.
  • The “Wheel of Blame” is spun with the finger and will select the person to be blamed for.
  • The “Wheel of Blame” background image can be changed.
  • Statistics of previous executions are stored and displayed with percent values for each created group.
  • Share the results with your friends in Facebook, e-mail or Twitter.
  • Sound effects.

This is only for entertainment purposes. Use in real-world environment with caution!!!

Enjoy and join the Blame! community.

It’s not your fault!!!
It’s others!!!